Real-Time Intelligence


You have invested in a new website, social media campaigns and are supporting mobile platforms for your business but how do you know if it is all working as you intended? All of these technologies and strategies sound great but they only make you money if the ROI (Return on Investment) is tracked, measured and provides a feedback loop for continuous improvement. You wouldn’t drive a car blind folded and neither should you drive your online business without this critical visibility.


The one data point that matters most is conversion rate. This counts what percentage of visitors responded to calls to action on your site, such as clicking on an article, scheduling an appointment or buying a product. The rate provides an accurate measure of your website’s effectiveness at engaging visitors, no matter whether you see 1,000 or 1 million visitors each month.

Evolve36 is ready to provide you with detailed Analytics, Conversion Rates, Click-Throughs, Bounce Rate, User Loyalty and many more useful information so your business online is much more predictable.

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